The Den

A welcoming, friendly, furry discord community.

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What Are We?

We’re a community for everyone and anyone.
We don’t care who you are or where you’re from, in our den, you can make yourself at home.
We're all about community, friends, and having a good time and we've got an always active community with new faces all the time! We also have friendly and active staff both in the discord and on the Minecraft server! Lastly, We welcome new people with open arms and we're glad you're here! What we offer:

  • Community channels
  • Gaming oriented areas
  • Artist channels
  • Roleplay channels
  • Hobby channels
  • High Quality Voice Chats
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A community like no other.

We’re all about friends, community, and having good times with everyone!


We have some of the most friendly and wholesome people around. They'll sure to be nice to you too!


We have people everyday chatting it up in the chat rooms of the server. Chat your desires away!


We have constant content updates for everyone. We keep it fresh by listening to our users and their feedback to make it a user created community!

Weekly Events

From Minecraft, all the way to karaoke, we have something planned almost every week for our users to connect and enjoy.


We're proud to say we're 100% original. You won't find anything like us anywhere else!

Open to Everyone

We welcome everyone from all corners of the world to join and participate in our community. No-one is excluded from anything. These are our core beliefs.

What do we offer?

By being apart of discord, we have a mission to stand out among the others. This is why we try our hardest to bring you and the community the best we possibly have to offer.


With how much we love our community, it’s only right that we give back to you guys!

Gaming with friends!

We have our own Minecraft server and we have people who play all sorts of online games together!

Active Voice Channels!

Rather talk to others with your amazing voice? Someone is usually always online and just talkin’ away!

Weekly Events!

To keep things spicy, we keep things up and running with events that everyone can partake in!

Friendly Staff and Users!

We pride ourselves in having staff members that care about everyone and users who are there for others when they just wanna talk.


These are the reviews by the users and some of the staff of the community. These are their honest thoughts free of bias.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I post images?

    Because this prevents “raiders” from spamming inappropriate images. It also is for general security measures for brand new users and gives them something to shoot for in the server by becoming an active member!

  • Because you are a newcomer. A newcomer is Level 1 to Level 3. You can rank up my chatting and being in voice chats!

  • Go to #bot-cmds and issue the command !rank

  • You can level up by chatting in #general and joining and talking in voice chats.

  • No, we do not do partnerships.

Support Us

Any donation, small or large, is unbelievably helpful to us. With your support, you are giving your community the chance to thrive and take on new challenges that we'd otherwise not be able to do.

Den Keeper

$2 / month

  • Immunity to moderation bot!
  • 1 emoji slot (animated & static)
  • Monthly shoutout from the staff on our announcement page.
  • 1.5x more chat experience points!
  • Gain access to special channels and roles.
  • A special Patreon role!

Den Beta

$15 / month

  • Comes with all previous rewards AND
  • Grants 3 emoji slots. (animated & static)
  • 2.5x more chat experience points!
  • Custom command on our official discord bot, with any text of your choosing.
  • Custom text channel. You edit the permissions and decides where it goes and who can join it! (Public Category or Patreon Category)
  • Access to 9 custom role colors for you to choose from for the duration of your pledge.
  • Free Minecraft server Beta donor rank

Den Alpha

$25 / month

  • Comes with all previous rewards AND
  • Upgrade to 4 emoji slots (animated & static)
  • Your own discord channel.
  • 3x more chat experience points!
  • Custom role with  any color that you want.
  • Custom voice channel. You edit the permissions and decide where it goes and who can join it! (Public Category or Patreon Category)
  • Super secret "behind the curtain" perks!
  • 1 Custom Command
  • The ability to choose an update that will happen to the server. Some restrictions do apply, but get creative!
  • Free Minecraft server Alpha donor rank