About Us

What are we? We are a community built for everyone. Absolutely everyone from everywhere is welcome, no matter who they are or what they are about.

When you’re in our den, you become not just another member of a server, you become part of our family. Everyone is equal to one another and no-one get’s special treatment.
The leaders have vowed to honesty and transparency about all subjects, those within reason of course.

This community is for you. We didn’t create any of this for staff to control you. We did it for you, the user.
We always have something new going on. These include weekly events, giveaways, livestreams, Patreon rewards, and special perks within the server.

What we offer

○Always Active
An always active general chat where you can talk about almost anything!

○Ask Staff
You can always pop a question in here if you have any qualms or concerns.

From Media all the way to pet selfies, we got you covered!

○Fun Channels
We offer games like UNO, blackjack, and multiple kinds of board games to keep you entertained!

We hold events weekly! Each week is different so make sure to check our announcement channels!

For those artsy people out there! We have custom roles for all artists in multiple different mediums. This grants you access to post your own work without the worry of others cluttering the space up.

○Special (Unlockable) Channels
Sweet perks for those who donate to us monthly! Without these absolutely humbling individuals, we would never be where we are today.
This also includes Discord Nitro boosters!

○Bot Only Channels
This lets you enjoy the use of our bots without having the clutter of the commands elsewhere!

○Dedicated Role-play
We have themes for role-play and request channels for those who’d like to rp with others!
Additionally, we have a role that allows access to these RP channels. Anyone can get this role! This is just to prevent users that aren’t particularly interested in it to view, but not talk.

○Dedicated Minecraft Server & Staff!
We have our very own custom coded, 24/7 online Minecraft server for those to enjoy the most beloved game of our early childhood!
Our staff on hand for this server are very experienced and can get a bug squashed super quick!

○High Quality Voice Channels
We have 384 kbs voice channels so you can hear your friends crystal clear!
We’ve also kept those in mind that do not have the NASA internet that some others do, so we turned down the quality so that other users can connect just as easily. (128 kbs)