1. Be nice with everyone in the Chat. No discrimination.

We're all real people on the other side of the screen. Being on the internet doesn't make us immune to feeling bad about things that other people say. This isn't the place for that.
ALWAYS keep in mind how your statements may be perceived by others. Even if you intend some words as a joke, there may be new users to Discord that do not see it as such.

2. Act maturely, Reasonably, and Responsibly.

Absolutely NO server 'drama'. This includes things going on with other servers and in dms. If you need to talk to someone about a drama that is happening, please take it to dms. We do not tolerate it. Like the title says, act those 3 ways and you'll be golden.
Additionally, DOXXING, or leaking ANY personal information of ANY kind is absolutely 100% prohibited. This offense is an instant ban, absolutely no questions asked. No ban appeal will be given.

3. Content: Where it belongs and doesn't belong.

Most media can go in #media, Excessive roleplay should be taken to an rp room.
No NSFW content is allowed to be posted. This includes anything suggestive. (Nothing that you would want to be seen looking at in public)

4. Do not abuse the bots.

Bot abuse includes using them to spam, exploiting a bug, or anything else that may be seen as disruptive. Restrict all bot commands to the appropriate channels - don't use bot commands in chat channels.

5. Do not spam.

Spamming is an action of repeating content over and over again so quickly that it disrupts the chat.

6. Do Not Advertise

Server advertisement in the chats, PFPs, AND statuses are strictly prohibited: no approval will be given. DM soliciting without the consent of the user being DM’d will result in an immediate ban.
DM a staff member if you have concerns regarding a specific issue.

7. No politics in The Den.

Do not discuss politics, playing status. Everyone has their own ideas of politics. Respect their beliefs.

8. Respect artists.

Do not tamper with, edit, or trace artwork without the artist's consent. Do not steal artwork and call it your own. Don't claim rights over artwork that does not belong to you. Violation of this rule may result in a kick/mute/ban.

9. Nickname & profile picture (PFP) and AFK status's must be appropriate.

They must be SFW and drama free. No hoisting of your name is allowed in the userlist. Hoisting is adding special characters to the beginning of your username to be brought to the top of the list. This also includes zalgo text. (Special text that is formatted so that people cannot type it.)

10. Act within reason in the voice channels.

Toxic behavior will be punished, which may lead to VC access being revoked.

11. The meme/media channels

These channels are exempt from the strictness of most of these rules but the following rules still apply: SFW only. No racial/gender slurs/bigotry, no politics, no pedo/bestiality, no suicide/self-harm.

12. Do not ask about bans or disciplinary action of another user.

Do not ask staff members about unbanning someone. Do not bring up disciplinary actions from this server or other servers in the chats. If you wish to appeal a ban, please fill out the form below and wait for a response.

  • Ban Appeal
  • 13. You must be 13 years old or above in order to use this server.

    Using this service at a younger age is both illegal, and against Discord's ToS.

    14. Giveaway Rules

    You absolutely MUST be active in the server to get your prize if you win a server giveaway. It simply is fair to others that actually enjoy and benefit from the server. (Minimum rank: 10) Additionally, you must be in good standing with our server. This includes, drama, threats, etc.